Jim's seminars

Jim has a number of group classes or presentations available for harmony education schools or camps, Chapter Officer Training Schools (COTS), Harmony Inc. contest seminars, or similar events.  The following is a list of the seminars available at this time.

Singing 101, Fundamentals of Better Singing - An introduction to the fundamentals of good vocal production targeted at the individual singer.  Includes the elements of voiced sound, posture and breathing, phonation, resonance, articulation, troubleshooting common vocal problems, and factors in vocal health.  This seminar is intended to be interactive with participants experiencing these concepts in their own voices.  Duration: 60-90 minutes

  Recent comments:
"Informative and eye opening"
                                  "Very informative, good examples of good & bad sound production"
                                  "Good direction for correct sound production"
                                  "Great instructor, very enthusiastic"
                                  "Excellent, very understandable & useful"
                                  "This man is a genius"

Singing 102, Better Ensemble Singing - A hands-on seminar on techniques for improving your quartet or chorus as an ensemble.  Includes a short review of basic singing concepts, the concept of expanded sound, intonation, resonance matching, synchronization and precision, volume relationships, sound flow, and the impact of song interpretation and repertoire selection.  A variety of exercises are introduced that are experienced by the participants and that may be taken home as rehearsal aids.  Duration: 60-90 minutes

  Recent comments:
"Lots of class participation, got everyone involved"
                                  "Great ideas that made a difference I could hear"
                                  "Good immediate take-home improvements"
                                  "I am a Jim Emery fan, he engages and has command of the class, great instructor"
                                  "I feel like a better singer already!"

The Singing Category - An introduction into how Singing judges judge in the Barbershop Harmony Society or Harmony Inc.  The various factors of the Singing category are introduced, including intonation, vocal quality, unity, expansion, and artistry.  The details of what contribute to each of these factors is explained with examples.  How scores are determined is also demystified, along with a handout that explains the characteristics of scores at various levels.  Finally, some examples are given of how Singing judges approach competitor evaluation sessions.  This seminar can be given with or without the participation of live ensembles.  Duration: 60-90 minutes

  Recent comments:

                                  "Gave valuable insights into this process of judging"
"Very helpful with pointers"
                                  "Very enlightening"
                                  "Info we can use"
                                  "Great examples"

Using Your Speaking Voice More Effectively - An introduction to the fundamentals of good voice technique for non-singers.  Includes fundamentals of voice communication, building voice awareness, impacts of breathing and posture, optimum use of pitch, resonance, and voice delivery speed, varying the use of diction for different messages, minimizing tension, and maintaining vocal health.  This seminar is interactive with participants experimenting with vocal techniques in contexts similar to those in their everyday personal or professional lives.  Duration: 60-90 minutes

  Recent comments:

                                 "I never appreciated how much impact my voice has on the effectiveness of my interactions with people."
                                 "My voice responds so much better and easier now."

Jim Emery

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